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Shooting just wrapped on an indie feature that I had the pleasure of working on- NEWLYWEEDS -a stoner romantic comedy set in Bushwick Brooklyn by writer/director Shaka King …i know right?! Way too perfect! It gets better though because play tranny hooker! More about the Film: Spray painted on the outside of Lyle’s truck is a giant ejaculating penis. This is what the world thinks of him. He is a repo man. His sole companion is his girlfriend Nina. An unemployed recent Columbia grad, her version of backpacking through Europe is doing bong rips on Lyle’s sofa. Nina’s upper crust parents don’t approve of her newly adopted slacker lifestyle so they give her the boot…right into Lyle’s apartment. But a match made in stoner heaven quickly turns into a love triangle gone awry when Nina suspects that Mary Jane is Lyle’s true love.A life of stonerdom isn’t all blankets and Pop Tarts. It comes with its own set of complexities. Newlyweeds is about those complexities. It’s about escapism: via weed and via love, and the tensions that arise when the two become competing influences. It’s about how fun it can be to get high 24/7 and how sad it can be to get high 24/7. Newlyweeds is absurd, profane, romantic, dark and gritty, moment to moment. -Shaka King Writer/Director
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